• You've lost your Registration Code.
  • Your Registration Code isn't accepted.
  • You've upgraded to the latest version of Pocket Stars and your old code doesn't work.

Pocket Stars Registration Codes are 5 digit numbers which are derived from your Registered Name.

For the PDA and SP versions of Pocket Stars, your Registered Name is whatever you’ve entered on your device at Start.Settings.OwnerInformation (and you can change this at any time). Note that some newer devices use the “Me” page in contacts to define the Registered Name field (more info here).

For the PC version of Pocket Stars, your Registered Name is established when you install the operating system and cannot be changed without using RegEdit.

When you purchase Pocket Stars, a Registration Codes is generated from whatever you entered as your Registered Name and is then sent to you via email. The algorithm to generate your code is case sensitive, so you must enter your name exactly as shown on your PDA or PC. Your Registered Name is also displayed (but cannot be changed) when running Pocket Stars at PocketStars.Menu.Help.Registration.

If you need to get an updated or replacement registration code, just email jaybo at with with your "Registered User" name:

  • - Go to the Help.Registration page when running Pocket Stars.
  • - Copy the "Registered User" name exactly as shown, including spaces, capitalization and puctuation.
  • - Email jaybo at with this info.


Need help getting Pocket Stars installed?

  • PDA version (Pocket PC) here.
  • SP version (Smartphone) here.
  • PC version (Windows PCs) here.


Upgrades are free for registered users!

Just download and install the latest "trial" version. If you currently have a registered version, you can install over the top of an old version and the new version will stay registered.

The "trial" and "buy" versions are identical - you just don't get a registration code when you download the "trial" version. Note that you will not need to re-enter your registration code when upgrading.

Just make sure you exit Pocket Stars before starting the upgrade. On the PDA and Smartphone versions, hit Menu.About.Exit. On the PC version use Menu.Exit.

General Questions

First check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, and also the Pocket Stars Community Forum (which is now closed to new additions due to spam).

Additional Downloads

Download Messier and Caldwell Image files.
Download Extended Ephemeris files.
Watch a demonstration movie (alas for a somewhat older version so some features have been changed).

Data Sources and References

Bug Reports

Please first check the Release History page and see if your problem has been fixed in a more recent release. If not, please send a detailed report including device type, Operating System, and problem sequence to

Previous Versions

Older versions are archived here.


Please direct all questions, comments, bug reports to I usually will respond within a day or two, unless I'm off sailing in which case you may have to wait for a couple of weeks.

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